1 AI-Powered Leadership App For Improving Writing Workflow

If you work in an international setting, it is not always easy to grasp every message conveyed or to share your thoughts and vision in a different language…

If you are not writing in a language that is yours, you have to get your point across all while being careful about what you say and how you say it.

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Quillbot is an AI-based paraphrasing and grammar checking tool that guarantees a greater understanding and an adept communication style, tone and language.

QuillBot assists you in visually editing your work on mobile or desktop, and on Windows or Mac.

Additionally, it simplifies your writing workflow and gives you instant feedback so you can implement new ideas in your written work.

It is able to help you save 75% of your time on average per writing projects.


Quillbot Feature #1: The Summarizer Tool

If your writing is feeling flat or inappropriate for your audience, Quillbot helps you craft topic sentences from your own ideas and drafted arguments and keep the message of your sentence.

The Summarizer processes the language, pinpoints critical information and crunches down your articles, essays, papers, or documents in the key points instantly without losing your context.

The Summarizer allows to pick the length of your summary and how much detail you want to add to your summary.

Quillbot Feature #2: The Paraphrasing Tool

Furthermore, Quillbot provides the tools to refine your writing, vary your vocabulary by giving you several word options, and articulate your sentences in the style that you need, whether your style leans towards formal, fluency, standard, creative or shorten.

This Paraphrasing Tool imparts variances to your projects and keeps your jargon intact.

It can even highlight grammar errors and include citations.

Quillbot Feature #3: The Grammar Checker

Indeed, you can also use Quillbot’s Grammar Checker tool to painlessly edit yourself, review your writing for grammar, spelling, word misuses, contraction errors and punctuation errors.

Quillbot lets your ideas shine instead of your typos.

Quillbot Feature #4: The Spell Checker

In addition, you can employ the Spell Checker to edit yourself and your spelling online.

This spell checking tool will review your writing and show you where any spelling errors might be lurking.

If you are utilizing other text editing products, you can also install the Spell Checker extension on Microsoft Word, Chrome or Edge.

Quillbot Feature #5: The Proofreader

Quillbot‘s free online Proofreader and Essay Checker review the text you’ve written, suggest a revision that corrects any spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes that are present.

Moreover, it makes sure that you’re communicating effectively, without errors that are likely to leave a bad impression or distract people from your ideas.

The Proofreader and Essay Checker also ensure the integrity of your articles, essays, papers or your other writing projects.

If you are using other products to edit your writing projects, you can also install the Proofreader extension on Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Chrome or Edge.

Quillbot Feature #6: The Plagiarism Checker

Quillbot ensures proper authorship & citations.

Its Plagiarism Checker fact checks your sources in real time, supplies a report and an analysis, and scores your plagiarism level.

It analyzes whether any section of your text did not properly attribute authorship to content that has already been published on the web or in books, research papers, academic papers, or news sources.

Quillbot Feature #7: The Language Tool

You can check your texts with QuillBot in more than 100 languages such as English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, German, Greek, Chinese, and Japanese.

Quillbot Feature #8: The Feedback Tool

Quillbot facilitates your language improvement by providing feedback on the structure and sense of your sentences.

Quillbot Feature #9: The Quillbot AI co-writer

The Quillbot AI co-writer is an all-in-one writing space that merges all of QuillBot’s tools in one place, without having to switch tabs or tools.

Similarly, the co-writing tool allows you to paraphrase, summarize, create quotes, and write your essays without having to shift between products.

With this tool, you are able to write better, faster, and clearer instantly. You can also:

  • Avoid mistakes.
  • Check your grammar.
  • Access some analytics like the text word count and insights about the tone of your text.
  • Research citations sources online.
  • Insert web content.
  • Use Write Assist, a free personal AI assistant, to complete your sentence.


Lastly, you get more features when you subscribe to the premium plan:

  • Insights to the tone of your text and how it may sound to your audience.
  • Progress history and the ability to restore your past edits.
  • Recommendations to increase the readability of your text.
  • Additional compare modes in order to get more options to paraphrase your written work.
  • An ability to adjust the use of synonyms in your work.

QuillBot is trusted by academics, leaders, professional writers, and business people who want to write more effectively.

If you are unsatisfied, want to take a break or are just busy, you can pause your subscription at anytime.

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