As recent graduates, no one prepares You for the professional world.

At school, We learn about Mathematics, Geography and History… We study to get a job… But We don’t learn how to write a proper resume or to present ourselves in a job interview, how to survive in the workplace, how to maintain a healthy job nor how to navigate office politics.

In addition, I come from a self-employed liberal family: I am the first in my family or in my surroundings to ever have a corporate job. As a matter of fact, I have had several mishaps and made several mistakes when starting out in the workplace, I have been promoted and I have also been demoted but mostly I have learnt and grown.

In order for You to avoid unfortunate events and to provide You with guidance, on this blog:

  • I firstly give real advice for graduates who have no idea what They are doing or supposed to do in the corporate workplace
  • I share and analyze tips for the jobless
  • Furthermore, I disclose my perception on leadership and my professional experiences
  • Finally, I review usefull leadership and management books

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