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Stephen R. Covey

Stephen M. R. Covey is a cofounder of CoveyLink and the FranklinCovey Global Speed of Trust Practice, and a keynote speaker. Stephen R. Covey is also the Author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Advertisements

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The Importance of Great Leadership

Whether it’s originated in our History or Culture, whether it’s from watching television or from frequenting our friends and family, we all have a clear picture in our minds of what great leadership is or should be. We also have … Continue reading

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16 Hard Truths About Corporate

When it comes to corporate, people retain certain preconceived ideas about it and corporate fights back setting unwritten rules that are not applicable and indulgent to everyone. For recent graduates, that are unfamiliar with these rules, transitioning from college to … Continue reading

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John C. Maxwell

John C. Maxwell is a worldly recognized leadership expert, speaker. John C. Maxwell is also the Author of Developing the Leader Within You.

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Developing the Leader Within You by John C. Maxwell

In Developing the Leader Within You, John C. Maxwell gives advice on improving your leadership skills and a step-by-step guide of the leadership process. It is a fact that leaders are not born but are made. It takes exposure to … Continue reading

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13 Leadership Tips for Your First Day on the Job

Congratulations. You have just been hired, after an incessant job search and multiple job interviews. Now, the real work has just started! Wondering how to build a positive professional image as soon as you arrive on the job and to … Continue reading

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