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The Importance Of Demonstrating Authenticity In Leadership

Being oneself in corporate is difficult. Indeed, corporate is infamous for suppressing emotions, for promoting toxic behavior, for relying on military style hierarchy and for employing an oppressing and commanding leadership style. To humanize the corporate environment, organizations schedule team … Continue reading

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Detecting And Dealing With Toxic Leaders

Toxic leaders, with different backgrounds, populate television, politics, corporate and decent ones are extremely rare. We have all met the chosen one in the workplace. The chosen one is protected by hierarchy, is more or less competent at his or her … Continue reading

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Developing Multicultural Leaders by Farid A. Muna and Ziad A. Zennie

Developing Multicultural Leaders  by  Farid A. Muna and Ziad A. Zennie strives to understand the journey to leadership success, in the Middle East, focusing on work achievements as the definition of success. This book analyzes and compares Western and Middle … Continue reading

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Likeability vs Respectability

Hey You! Wondering whether you have to work on being liked or respected in the workplace? Have your parents instilled in you the following proverb: treat people like you want to be treated? At the beginning of my career, I … Continue reading

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