32 Leadership Lessons To Stay Sharp

Staying Sharp implies staying ready, staying on top of things, being effective all while creating memorable experiences…

Leaders who stay sharp continually push themselves to do better and to live better.

Wondering what leaders can do to stay sharp?

Below are 32 lessons for leaders to learn how to stay sharp.

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1. Remember God.

2. Protect your emotional, physical and mental health.

3. Value who you are and what you have.

4. Embrace solitude: the best company you can find is your own.

5. Live in the present.

6. Avoid worrying about the future and what others think of you.

7. Avoid competing and comparing yourself to others.

8. Make time for what is important.

9. Take time for self-reflection, to focus on yourself and to take care of yourself.

10. Start making decisions on your own term.

11. Avoid procrastinating and go after what you want because life is too short. The best time to start is now!

12. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

13. Learn as much as you can and leverage that knowledge for career advancement.

14. Challenge your own knowledge.

15. Develop critical thinking and do your own research.

16. Become emotionally disciplined. We cannot control what happens to us but we can control how we react to it.

17. Stay positive. We cannot predict the future but we can always hope for the best.

18. Stay in environments that will value you.

19. Don’t make your life more complicated than people want to make it.

20. Realize that there is more to life than work.

21. Find little ways to improve your life.

22. Enjoy every single moment in life.

23. Laugh when you can.

24. Everything is temporary. Whatever you are going through, it will pass.

25. Turn down things that you hate and that don’t add any value to your life.

26. Pay attention to people’s actions because actions speaks louder than words.

27. Treat everybody differently. Everybody is different and everybody learns at their own rate.

28. Choose your friends wisely and avoid taking anyone for granted.

29. Don’t let people define you.

30. Repair something broken that you care about.

31. Do something unfamiliar.

32. Do something that overwhelmed you in the past.

Last words of advice!

Keeping your mind sharp is a great way to make every day count!

Hope that I’ve helped you get it together on your way to leadership!

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