5 Phrases To Accidentally Offend A Leader

Some days, you know, you can just have Foot-In-Mouth syndrome…

And you can offend the whole leadership line with unfiltered moments, without even knowing it.

Wondering what are the five phrases that accidentally offend a leader?

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1. “We have always done it this way…”

This famous phrase is still as offensive as the first time it was ever uttered.

It says that you are not interested in any changes or in learning and that the leader’s solutions are not good enough.

2. “Such and such before you did it this way…”

This phrase reveals that you are not open to change.

Furthermore, it lets slip that you are comparing an exiting leader with a newly arrived leader and that you believe that the latter is definitely pale in comparison.

3. “?!?”

Assuming that the leader knows what he or she is talking about, these punctuations would equate not listening or not trying to understand or not taking in constructive criticism.

4. “I have other things to do”

You may already have a list of things to do.

This phrase conveys that the new tasks given are not in your job description or not as urgent or as important as the ones you are doing.

5. “That’s not my problem!”

This corrosive phrase let’s people know that you are unwilling to help or that you will not go outside the jurisdiction of your own job description.

Last Words Of Advice

Remember, it’s not really what you say but it’s how you deliver the message.

Hope that I’ve helped you get it together on your way to leadership!

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