1 AI-Based Leadership App To Eliminate Manual Data Entry

You woke up today and realized that you have many orders and many tasks to get through and that require you to enter data manually…

Now, you need to:

  1. Stop doing what you are doing.
  2. Open your productivity tools or project management tools.
  3. Check for an update to your task or order like an email or an invoice.
  4. Open the email or the invoice.
  5. Read it.
  6. Analyze it.
  7. Go back to your productivity tools or project management tools.
  8. Enter useful information.
  9. Complete your order or task.

You sure wish you had a smart tool to do that for you and to tell you which one is most urgent!

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Bitskout is an AI platform that integrates seamlessly with your current tools in minutes and eliminates manual data entry tasks.

Bitskout is designed for people who:

  • Receive tones of emails and invoices throughout the day and want to cut down on the workload.
  • Want to reduce costs due to reading emails, entering data one by one in a tool.
  • Do data entry and want to increase their productivity.
  • Need to facilitate their company digitalisation.

Connect with Bitskout

With Bitskout, you can automate your workflow, making your existing tools smarter.

Connect your productivity tools and project management tools such as Monday.com, Asana, Click Up, Notion to your Bitskout account and get an overview of any tasks.

With Bitskout, there is no need to manually type data into the tool that you are using.

Benefits of Bitskout

Bitskout, synchronized with your tools, is able to:

  • Get an overview of your tasks whether they are positive, negative or neutral.
  • Process invoices, extract data from invoices and send useful data such as cost forecasting from these invoices to your tools or financial applications.
  • Process business cards
  • Extract and process data from expenses
  • Extract, analyze and process essential data from short or long, unstructured or structured, sensitive or emails

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