2 Leadership Apps to Get The Best Out Of Your Remote Meetings

Unfortunately, during meetings, the useful information is often forgotten or lost in translation…

Indeed, most in person meetings are often boring, exhausting or redundant.

Remotely, meetings are difficult to set up and to focus on from beginning to end.

Fortunately, there are two leadership apps available that will allow you to get the best out of your meetings.

1. Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans is mobile videoconferencing app for Android phones and tablets, geared towards leaders who have a presentation to give before a large audience over videoconference.

Blue jeans provides a professional stamp and customizes virtual events by allowing you to:

  • Connect to large company events.
  • Proudly display your brand like your logo, your name tags and company profile as background wallpaper.
  • Cancel background noise to only keep your speech.
  • Keep up with your meetings by importing them Office 365 Calendar, Google, the calendar app of your phone.
  • Give a professional presentation using your phone.

In addition, you can try Blue jeans for free for 14 days without any credit card information.

2. Sembly AI

Sembly AI is subscription based SaaS platform that wants to improve the way that professionals work all over the world with the adoption of AI and Machine Learning technologies in the workplace.

Sembly AI allows you to record your meetings, transcribe your meetings and highlight the key items within that meeting.

Sembly AI analyzes the content of your meeting without you having to assist. It gives you a quick overview of the meeting by displaying the discussed topics, insightful information and the key details.

Furthermore, Sembly AI recognizes your voice, learns from your vocabulary and respond to your commands.

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