Think And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill

Success begins with a desire and when impulses, thoughts and ideas are converted into physical reality…

Indeed, every invention began with an idea and an intense desire with a definite outcome.

The Success Principle

The success principle starts by creating a strong desire within yourself.

One must dare to dream, set a fix amount for a fix date and visualize their financial success in their imagination.

Then, “chose a definite goal”, place all their energy, will power and his effort onto that goal.

At that point, successful planning and remarkable leadership are required in the process of acquiring what you truly desire and of achieving success.

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The Different Types Of Leadership

There are 2 types of leadership.

There is leadership by consent where followers agree to follow a leader and leadership by force where followers are forced to admit a person as their leader.

Fortunately, as History has repetitively demonstrated, forced leadership never lasts for very long.

People have a tendency to follow leaders who:

  • are confident and courageous,
  • control themselves,
  • promote fairness and truth,
  • are able to make sound decisions,
  • plan and organize,
  • go the extra mile,
  • are of pleasant company,
  • are understanding and cooperative,
  • assume full responsibility for their actions.

10 Causes of Failure in Leadership

There are several causes of failure in leadership.
In addition to forced leadership, leaders happen to fail for several reasons.

1. Lack of organization

Leaders fail when they are unable to prioritize, manage their time effectively, to pay attention to details and to delegate.

2. Lack of humility

Leaders fail when they lack humility, forget that they are there to serve others and refuse to perform menial tasks.

3. Actions vs Knowledge

Leaders fail when they expect to get paid for what they know rather for what they do.

4. Fear of competition from followers

Leaders fail when they believe that their followers covet their position, don’t delegate, don’t train others and are unable to get others to perform.

In addition, that negative belief that the follower will take their position is sure to manifest/realize itself sooner or later.

5. Lack of solutions

Leaders fail when they are incapable of imagination in emergencies, of building guidelines and of finding solutions on the spot.

6. Lack of recognition

Leaders fail when they claim all the work for themselves and don’t give credit when it is due.

7. Lack of self-control

Leaders fail when they lack The Importance Of Becoming A Self-Disciplined Leaderself-discipline and consequently destroy their health and the health of all those around them.

8. Lack of loyalty

Leaders fail when they are disloyal to their followers.

9. Demonstration of authority

Leaders fail when they try to manage through fear tactics and enforce their authority upon others.

10. Unhealthy attachment to title

Leaders fail when they are attached to their title and not to their responsibility.


Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is a complete guide on how to gain riches, acquire a success mindset, to present, evaluate and improve yourself. This book was written a long time ago but advice and principles shared are still up to date.

In the form of a motivational speech, through thorough questions, Hill invites for self-analysis and discusses the positive aspects of developing a burning desire in order to achieve a specific goal. I recommend this book to entrepreneurs and leaders who wish to develop their business and their skills.

In Think And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill uses the example of his son’s deaf mutism to illustrate how an intense and imagined desire can emerge into reality.

He also analyses of what makes a great leader, discloses the important factors and failures of leadership, the pros and cons of acquiring a success mindset.

Furthermore, he gives practical tips on transforming yourself, overcoming fears and failures, finding opportunities where there aren’t any and guarding your mind from negative circumstances.

What can be holding you back from achieving your burning desire?

Let me know below what you think about this book!

Favorite quote(s)

Failure is a trickster with a keen sense of irony and cunning. it takes great delight in tripping one when success is almost within reach.

[…] riches begin with a state of mind, with definiteness of purpose, with little or no hard work.

[…] every great leader, from the dawn of civilization down to the present, was a dreamer.

[…] close association with one who refuses to compromise with circumstances he does not like is an asset that can never be measured in terms of money.

“Opinions” are the cheapest commodities on earth. Everyone has a flock of opinions ready to be wished upon anyone who will accept them.

Ratings 4.5/5


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