Quote Of The Week #83

What you choose to focus on becomes your reality. Jen Sincero

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2 thoughts on “Quote Of The Week #83

  1. As leaders, every action that we take is creating a reality for ourselves, our organisation and our people. The declarations that we make, the opinions that we hold, the requests and offers that we do and don’t make, and the conversations that we choose to have or not have, combined with our emotional spaces and the way in which we embody our interpretations, all come together to contribute to the reality that we are creating. Observing how we are being in the domains of language, emotions and body and being prepared to learn from our observations is, I think, incredibly powerful and allows us to consciously create our reality rather than it being created unconsciously and without awareness.

    1. Our thoughts and emotions forge our reality. We have to be careful what we perceive, how we perceive and how we interpret events Thank you for commenting!