Which leadership styles are you?

Wondering what leadership you have developed across the years or would like to acquire? Find below the different existing styles of leadership.

Leadership style refers to the behavior of a leader and to the manner he or she engages and motivates their followers.

There are six main styles of leadership:

  • Democratic leadership. You listen to followers and consider their opinions.
  • Visionary leadership. Your followers share the same dreams and purpose.
  • Coaching leadership. You align follower’s aspirations with the organization goals.
  • Affiliative leadership. Brings you and your followers into association. And creates a sense of belonging.
  • Pacesetting leadership. You are task-oriented, plan and execute assignments, make followers meet deadlines, accomplish challenging projects and reach goals.
  • Commanding leadership. You create a fearful environment to instill respect and get quick results from followers.

This article has been inspired by Developing Multicultural Leaders.

Hope that I’ve helped you get it together on your way to leadership!

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