16 Tips to making Phone Interviews Less Awkward

Wondering why phone interviews exist and how to make them less awkward? In this article, find all the tips you need to prepare yourself.

Job interviews over the phone constitute a selection process that most companies use to screen candidates, to prevent candidates from having to travel to their company and to promote their company.

Phone interviews are generally awkward because you are sharing details of your career life with a perfect stranger. In order to avoid all awkwardness, job interviews should be thoroughly prepared.

The interviewer or head hunter will call you a first time to schedule a job interview and will provide you with his or her company’s information.

  1. Write down all the information and schedule given to you and create alarms to remind you of the interview.
  2. Look up the company website and write down the company’s values, sector, number of workers, locations, annual income amount and most important projects. Knowing the company brings you points.
  3. Prepare some general interviewing questions (“tell me about yourself”, “what are your strengths?”, “what are your flaws?”,… ). Write them down on paper.

A few minutes before the interview,

  1. Make sure you are at home and not in public transportations or in a noisy environment.
  2. Wake up twenty minutes before the call literally and figuratively. Nobody likes a slurred speech and a hoarsed morning voice.
  3. Take care of your basic human needs 10 minutes before scheduled interview.
  4. Prepare pen and papers to take notes. If this interview is successful, it will lead to an in person interview at the company and those notes will be useful.
  5. On your computer, open the company’s website page and get ready to discreetly surf for answers. If you cannot find facts about the company, it’s OK. The interviewer will provide them himself. It’s part of his job to introduce you to them.
  6. Last but not least, place your notes with the prepared answers in front you. Interviewer does not need to know that you are reading your answers.

During the interview,

  1. Listen carefully to the interviewer and wait for your time of speech. Being nervous is understandable, but try to control yourself.
  2. Keep your voice energized and upbeat. Smiling is also a great way to show your interest and excitment for the opportunity.
  3. Even though you don’t know the answer for a question right away, stay calm, confident and positive. Politely require a few seconds to collect yourself.
  4. Even though the interviewer is friendly, laugh quietly at his or her jokes but stay professional and composed. You are not talking to your best friend.
  5. If you are nervous or need focus, feel free to pace around your house or sit at a desk.

After the interview,

  1. Send a thank you email. You can add questions about the offer to show your interest and motivation.
  2. Wait 48 hours before sending an email to get an update on whether you’ve been selected or not.

Hope that I’ve helped you get it together on your way to leadership!

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