#ENTRYLEVELTweet by Heather R. Huhman Taking Your career from classroom to cubicle

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#ENTRYLEVELTweet by career expert Heather R. Huhman is intended for newly college graduates with absolutely no idea how to transit from the classroom to the cubicle.

Heather R. Huhman is the founder and president of Come Recommended. Introduced to the working sphere without guidance, she is adamant about helping recent graduates to launch their career.

This easy read book amasses 140 inspiring tweets and gives out helpful job searching tips, to newly college graduates, about:

  • Identifying and highlighting your professional strengths
  • Crafting your resumes, cover letter and any other tools necessary
  • Being present on various social media and using your profile in order to connect directly with the hiring managers
  • Networking and creating relationships with hiring managers
  • Applying for jobs and and scheduling job interviews
  • Managing different job offers without burning bridges
  • Navigating office politics and making a lasting good impression on your boss and coworkers


#ENTRYLEVELTweet by career expert Heather R. Huhman is a fast and easy read and gathers both practical and motivational tips that, I believe, can be helpful to boost your job search.

I wish that there would be more practical illustrations and detailed tweets on how to navigate office politics.

Favorite quotes

Tweet 2 Others, namely your parents, will “strongly encourage” you to take the first job you’re offered out of college

Tweet 5 Don’t beat yourself up for not making the right choice at first—most of us don’t!

Tweet 52 If you have large gaps in your résumé due to removing all unrelated positions, include them in Additional Experience. No bullets.

Tweet 112 Read industry publications and blogs. It’s important to keep up with the news and latest trends in your industry.

Tweet 131 If you are not entirely certain you understand what your supervisor wants when he or she has given you an assignment, speak up!

Tweet 132 Become the go-to person for something in the office, whether it’s building PowerPoint presentations or navigating social media.

Tweet 133 Keep your opinions to yourself, and be aware of negative “types” in the office. Don’t partake in gossip!

Ratings: 3/5


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