How not to be a target on your job

Hey You!

Wondering how to steer far from trouble and covert competition at work? How to stay on the down low?

dartHere are some tips on how to to live under the radar:

  1. Confidence is key or at least do not show any sign of weakness.
  2. Avoid emotions and strong facial expressions. For example, do not cry at work, do not look defeated or depressed or work out your anger outside of the workplace. Also, choose smiling over laughing anytime of the day because laughing is overrated and people will not take You seriously on the long haul.
  3. Learn to forgive or to fake forgiveness on a daily basis. Everyday is a new day.
  4. Remove any particularities about yourself that could draw attention to yourself: no outrageous hair color, no visible tattoo, no strong opinions…
  5. Apply the dress code and work the hours everybody works. If you need extra hours to finish your work, finish it at home and keep quiet about it.
  6. Learn the news like a poem even though You don’t like watching the news or even interested by them. Talking about the headlines and having a common opinion about them will provide You with general topics, avoid conversations about yourself and showcase your “intellectual” abilities and worldly interest.
  7. Get up to date on your work, learn everything that you can on the down low to be untouchable and not expandable.
  8. Create good working relationships with your coworkers. These people are not your friends nor family but You’ll be spending mot of your time with them.
  9. Avoid over exposing your personal life. Lying to protect your personal life or speaking little about it is essential for survival in the workplace. People will use anyone of your weaknesses against You. For instance,
    • if You are pregnant woman, You should talk about how you baby-proofed your apartment and not about your last rendez-vous by the OBGYN.
    • if You were on a sick leave to get a prostate exam, You should be proud of yourself or taking your health seriously but no one should know that You had a cavity search.
  10. Don’t share anything good that has happened to You. It will be understood as bragging by your coworkers.
    • If your boss called You in to congratulate You on your work, keep it to yourself.
    • If You believe You have a good friend or ally at work, keep it to yourself.
    • If You are fluent in four languages, keep it to yourself and use your skill only when compulsory.
  11. One more thing, read up on Shakespeare and/or the Bible in order to gird your mind against any type of psychological attacks.
    • Indeed, Shakespeare perfectly describes human behavior and mind games that  You will meet all types of predators and sociopaths in the workplace. When You don’t know how to handle a situation, don’t react or show any emotions.
    • Furthermore, the Bible will help You withstand difficult situations by giving You examples of people who have overcome.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below.  Hope this will help You to get it together on your way to leadership!

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